Mini Sermon

Check My Pulse

May 10, 2018




You mean to tell me, I traveled 850 miles away from my family for me to just die. I would at the very least, would want my funeral to be held in the presence of those who actually knew me. These words didn’t ring immediately in me when I left work that day. I knew something out of the ordinary was wrong. I battled this conditioned for 15 years now. I thought I knew the ends and out of it. But this particular day something seemed different. I had this dull but very evident pain in my side. I had become accustomed to when I had a flare up my stomach would grow as if a seven pound baby was baking in my womb. This pain was unusual. I took myself to the emergency room. I thought to myself. This will be a repeat of previous visits. I am not fond of hospitals or am I ever so impressed with medical testing. I have in times past had it all cast scans, mri, and my absolutely all time favorite.x-ray. I even treaded down the street to pet scan boulevard. In a previous chapter of my life I was told that I may have cancer.  And to no surprise it was my chronic congenital illness I was born with which was the culprit. I didn’t even know of my condition until I was in the 10th grade. In that season started this journey that I tread on right now today. So when I got the results of my test that they ran at the emergency room I was shocked. They stated I have a cyst on my one kidney that I actually do have. My uterine lining has a benign tumor on it and my blood vessel has shunted. It was closed off in other words. They politely scooted me out the door with you need further testing. I left feeling like I had a sign on my forehead. It read that this is it. You just will have to deal as you have before. They did do me a favor as I thought and referred me to a doctor. Here I am in a new state. I don’t have a doctor and they were so kind to put me in the right direction. I noticed that they sent me to a geriatric and hospice specialist. Well I am not dying and I am sure not old so I had to find another solution. A couple of months later and the pain became worse. I needed to find a doctor as soon as possible. I stumbled on an internal medicine doctor and she was sista to so I decided to partake in her services. In the midst of this my symptoms became worse. I became winded as I would talk and alot of pressure in my neck. I finally was scheduled for an mri. It had been discovered that my blood vessel, that had been diagnosed as a syndrome I had was stenotic (narrow) and my blood vessels have been dilated on the other left side of my abdomen. That was the reason for this pain on top of this I have a benign tumor that will eventually have to be removed. I also discovered all the pain I had suffered in for years was due to lack of blood supply. I will tell you that the plot thickens. I was sent to the hospital to be evaluated and admitted. To only find out that the main vein that flows blood to the lower part of my body back to the right side of my heart is missing. The top portion of this vein that flows blood to my liver  is missing. Talk about a tear jerker. I left there and as I stated before I said to God. How can I continue to live like this. I am 31 years old. I just felt like this was a death sentence. My doctor told me that I needed to get into another field because my line of work is too arduous. I felt like I was being prepared for my funeral. I know this thing God did not let cease to take my life all these years, has now defeated me. I had already been out of work for a week. As I am typing this I now know why God had to sit me down for a second. He had to make me understand who he is. I replayed back in mind when the doctor said we have not seen this before. She went on to say that your body is creating a shunt so it can find other places for your blood to flow. God literally is the orchestrator over my body. I should not be able bodied as I am. I should have more damage than I do. I am a miracle if I might add. But take heed to this. He created this structure of a body to give him all the glory when even man can’t figure it out. He created the mind to let it be a reminder of his word. He also reminded me of my pulse that is an indication of the beat that pumps blood through me. I want to encourage you every time you face a trial in your life to always check your PULSE. It is an indication that God is still working everything out for your good. Your heart beating is a clear sign that you are winning. As long as blood is pumping through your being it is evidence of a savior named Jesus Christ who died for you. Let this story be a testament on how God still works on the behalf of his children.


Job 37:5

God thunders marvelously with his voice; He does great things we can’t comprehend.

Job 37:7

God seals up the hand of every man: that all men may know is work.


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