Mini Sermon

Eyes Wide Open Still Weep

April 20, 2018





 I think she was still trapped. She was bound to the way her childhood represented her. That little girl could not go on and be free. She felt more secure in that place. Sometimes, in the most ironic ways we still hold on to our past. Our past and childhood are all in one. Both of them go hand in hand. Neither one we can go back and change. We can never return in the womb. The rewind process does not happen to the past.  As I am writing this. All this revelation came upon me. I want to take you back to about a month ago. I was down on my knees in prayer. Here I am worshipping God, and I went to lay on the floor and this so profoundly came to me. Eyes Wide Open Still Weep. I couldn’t understand what it exactly meant. I knew (wide open) kept playing in my mind soundtrack. In the recent weeks prior so many things had took place. This was deeper than this though. I went and researched what wide open means. In the english term it means to be fully open. That means that; eyes being open to the extent that God wanted them to be. How did I get to this wide open place. In weeks prior my dreams became more vivid and unusual. The mass majority don’t even realize that there is a part of us that never sleeps. It is awake at all times.That my beloved readers is our spirit. I came to understand that I had been looking through lenses of that little girl inside of me that needed to be set free. She wept constantly because she had been in the dark for years. The flesh portrayed me to be a 31 year old woman. The heart probably still stuck around 8 years old. It’s so heart wrenching when I think about it. The heart is the core of our being. My core definitely had been pricked and polked most of my childhood. When the core is penetrated it produces a weeping. Weeping in its origin  [bakah] from hebrew translation says the flowing of the eyes. Proverbs 4:23 {Above all else guard your hearts, because out of it flows the issue of life}. The eyes are the lamp of the body. Luke 11:34 The light of the body is the eye; When your eye is clear [spiritually perceptive, focused on God] your whole body is full of light [benefiting from God’s precepts]. But when it is bad [spiritually blind] your body is full of darkness [devoid of God’s word]. Can you tell me what do you see when you close your eyes. Most of the time it’s nothing but blank shade. The eye in this passage has nothing to do with the physical. It is our spirits that must be awaken. To see as he sees. The little girl eyes was full of darkness. It doesn’t mean in this passage as evil. It means being unaware. How can you see with no light. When a candle is lit. It is not hidden so it can’t be seen. It is placed out so the light can shine through. In Genesis 1. The whole face of the earth was dark and without form. He said let there be light. Let actually means that he gave permission to the light to break through the darkness. In the absence of light is where darkness exists. It wasn’t until the dusk was seperated that things could actually be seen. He then divided the waters follows right after it. It’s no coincidence that this word has come into fruition for me and as well for you. I will leave you with this. Just because you are exposed to the light does not mean the weeping will stop. God is grieved because of a dark fallen world. He weeps for the souls of his children. He desires for us, to live in his light because he has many things that he wants to show us. Many are in the dark because what’s simply is missing is the light of the messiah. Yeshua is what is on the inside that gives off power within us. He is literally just waiting to shine his light through each of you. Even though this is a harsh reality the weeping will not stop but the power of his light gives us the strength to endure through it all.



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