Mini Sermon

What time is it?

January 18, 2018

I walked into my new place of employment and felt everything but that I belonged there. It was as if I was a pig in a field of filled with wolves.Interesting isn’t it? I sat through 2 weeks of strenuous classroom training. They told all of us that were in attendance that we made it to the top floor.Basically, this is the best of the best. Yikes, all of that waiting to get here, for this I thought. Is this what the next level is supposed to feel like. I knew that eventually I would be told that this is a prank and you can return home. Well I am still here typing this from my apartment gazing out the window at the beautiful neighborhood I live in. I can say I have conquered yet another moment here. I am so ever grateful for this grand opportunity. I knew that it was a omniscient God who set me up for this divine appointment. All I had to do was defeat everything that told me to turn around and go home. I mean it was my time right. My due season had slowly but surely crept in on me. I will even be so brutally honest to say I shedded a couple of tears. Well maybe I am being to shy. I cried big crocodile tears. I even looked for plane tickets to come home. It wasn't the whole process but one piece of the puzzle .It was this one shade of grey area in a book full of color. I thought somehow maybe I picked the wrong job. Should you have taken the other job offer in another city? Can you call the manager back from almost 7 months ago that I passed up for this.I was so tempted even though the position had been filled. I thought maybe I didn’t hear God correctly about this move. I will emphasize this; to all my believers that have the understanding of the Word of God. It is so detrimental to our lives. Do you all know that there is a time for everything. That means time has been set aside for everything to occur. My wonderful daddy (GOD) gave me this great lesson in time, on time and about the time I was in. There are three main synonyms that you can’t have without the other. I know you are wondering but keep on reading because this will literally change your life. In this time class we have appointed,due and opportune time. Three different accounts were given of time. Each one worded differently but each one can’t be birthed without the other. Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the sun. That scripture brings me to the appointed time. Appointed time in its origin comes from the hebrew word {yaad} which means to appoint. Whichever season you find yourself in know that it was set up before you even arrived. You can almost expect that this time shall happen. Life,death, disappointments, job loss, struggles and more. Each one has already been assigned to us. Then there is due time. This portion of your life awaits you. That means even though it has not come yet it’s on its way. I can admit. Out of everything I knew, one thing turned me away in this new place. God knew what I would be walking into. As I ponder on this, I almost can be sure he set this up. I know you all are like I know nothing of what you speak of. I chuckled a bit after I wrote that as well but he is strategic with everything concerning us. Galatians 6:9 So effortlessly says in due season you shall reap the harvest if you faint not. I will give you the last one with excitement. It is opportune time. How many of us has missed out on opportunities because we simply didn’t know what time we were in? Listen to this. Jesus was on the mountain and the devil tempted him. What actually stuck out to me is that it said he went away from Jesus until an opportune time. Opportune in the greek means (kairos) referring to a proper time. The enemy sits and wait for a good time to try you. In the case of Jesus as well. He will magnify one thing that is not going right to get us to take our eyes off the big picture. Even when we take a look back at due time. It means that it is appropriate. Nothing can happen if the time never presents itself right? The word Due in french is translated to atten(due) which all boils down to a term being set aside. I am excited to tell you that once you get through all those other seasons opportunity awaits you. I can even say with Jesus it seemed bad for all those who were in attendance to his death but the greatest legal transaction occurred. Which was, still and always will be eternal life. There are moments in our lives where we move to the next level and it does not look like what we thought. If God can set aside something for us what more can he do. We all are appointed and due the opportunity of different stages in our lives. Many will try to pull you out of a season that was sent to change your whole life.I know that where I am now it is good for me. I will leave you with one thing that a guy told me here in this new place. He said you know why you are here, it is because you conquered where you came from. He also went further to say you are here to be changed and change some things. That immediately shifted my attitude about what season I was in. It brought me to a place of understanding.The moment that you are in is meant for you to conquer. Once you master the time you are in you go to the next stage that was created for you. God has already set everything in order for each and everyone of us. He does not need time but he created it for you and I. I will leave this very intriguing scripture for you to study at your own leisure. Habakkuk 2:2-3 And the Lord answered me, Write the vision and engrave it plainly on tablets.So the one that reads it will run. For the vision is yet for a appointed [future] time. It hurries toward the goal [of fulfillment]; it will not fail. Even though it delays,wait [patiently] for it.Because it shall surely come and not delay. Blessings to you beloved until we meet again.

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