Mini Sermon

The Verdict

November 10, 2017

As I sat back and heard the accusation against me. I took a deep breath. Tears flooded my eyes. I literally was drowning in the pool of Satan lies. Doubt had my faith in a chokehold. Let’s be all the way honest trust was not my best subject. Trust was like a foreign language to me. The devil couldn’t wait for the opportune time to present this evidence. It probably burned in his pocket to withhold his so-called weapon. He took note of every time something went wrong and I wavered in my faith. If I stepped into a financial hardship and instead of seeking the Lord for a solution. I would bury myself in more debt that I could bargain for. The enemy was fond of my behavior. Trust was not at the top of the list. I didn’t even trust men due to my childhood. Can you imagine me trusting someone I couldn’t grab hold of? I don’t think at the time I even gave God a chance to work my situation out. I even thought I trusted God because see, I would pray and yet still worry. Does that sound like fully trusting in someone? No I doubt it. The enemy could have been waved his findings in front of God but he waited. I want you to grasp this he studies who he fears. He begans to search to what he can find so he can attack you legally.If he gets a whiff of you making progress in your spirit, he becomes alarmed. He better not find out you have made up in your mind to accept the change that will bring you to your purpose. 1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, is as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Everyone who visits this blog please migrate to the fact that God had begun to do a work in me. The holy spirit began to expose all my impurities(sin) and unrighteousness. That old snake saw that God began to prosper me in the spirit. He began to tremble. I was in a transition and I could not grab hold of his promises with that same old mindset. He couldn’t allow me to operate in my spiritual elevation leaning to my own understanding. He had to make me see the plot of the devourer. I had already asked the father in prayer to inform me of what I needed to see about myself so it could be corrected. The enemy is petrified of anyone who has the ability to tear his kingdom down. He will satisfy your flesh to control your mind. He is so cocky and bold that he is so unbothered by one just being a believer. It takes more than to just believe. We must operate in the holy spirit. Understand that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. If you walk solely in your flesh you pose not one single threat to him. Ok now back to the meat of this story. Some may have never told you that just as there is an earthly court. There is a heavenly one. Psalm 89:14 Justice (a legal right) and judgement (judicial verdict) are the habitation of thy throne and mercy and truth shall go before thy face. The enemy had built a case against me because of me not trusting God. It was true and it pains me now to live that reality. I can confess that I rejoice because of this information was revealed to me. Satan pulled his platinum card out and thought he was about to swipe him a victory. Oh, no sir not on my Lord’s watch. He thought that this would be the very thing to destroy me. Little did he know that once I was made aware and repented. He would have to take his dirty crusty hands from around my mind. Doubt and fear would crumble right with it too. I will gladly admit it that now I am aware and can check those feelings. It feels good to have some wiggle room to breathe. Quite honestly, I could not gather my thoughts quick enough. The idea of missing out on blessings and favor that would have been easily available if my trust had lied in him just makes me regret my mistake. Even in the case of  God in this matter. There is no "I kind of trust him" or "I just need to trust God more." That is a negative action. It’s either you trust him or not. When we pray, it alerts God and the devil. His promises are available to his sheep. Everything we need is in his presence. Proverbs 10:22 The blessings of the LORD, makes you rich, and adds no sorrow. The most important part of this process is if you receive the word, believe the word and speak the word of God you shall have what you ask. It all seems so easy to do until you actually have to do it. Trust is a vital role in our relationship with him. The absence of trusting God is like having veins with no blood running through them. It’s like love with no one to share it with. Think of a brain with no skull, flesh or skin to protect it. It doesn’t quit makes sense, does it? God made his spirit and word accessible to us so we can learn as well as live the best lives.It was also sent so we could be equipped for what is to come. The adversary never clocks out. He is never wearing out in his demise for the men and women created by Elohim. This knowledge has made me accountable. This very wisdom gives me the power, authority and mindset to seek his courts. To marvel in his presence. Keep in mind Satan can’t attack you without a legal right. He must present it as well to the ultimate judge that we will all soon have to face. I blame not a single soul. I am accountable for my own actions. If you really ponder this he only can go to the father about the things concerning you and not someone else. Revelation 12:10 - And the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. In the heavenly court my sins were revealed. I will take to heart that it had been made known of what is coming up against me. What I came into the agreement with. I subconsciously helped this fool build a case against me. How many mental contracts did I sign? Too many to remember. How many prayers unanswered. I couldn’t even tell you. Those contracts were already in full affect. It was being prepared for this purpose and appointed time. So, I agreed with thine adversary quickly as Matthew 5:25 states. The scripture even goes further to say if we don’t we will be delivered to the judge which is our father who renders the verdict. Deep stuff huh? How is he rendering a verdict with no court? This is so juicy like a steak being cooked just right I tell you lol. One thing you should know about our loving father is those who diligently seek him won’t be left blind to Satan devices. He gave us the word and the spirit of the living God. Did you all catch after reading this that the case he gathered up had to be thrown out because the father forgave me. Yes, are you all thinking what I am. Is he big mad or little mad? The verdict was rendered in my favor. In moving forward know that the holy spirit teaches, guides and directs us. The big test is trusting him no matter what. Life still happens after the lesson and even being made aware. I have this hope that each viewer of this blog takes this info and apply it to your own lives. My sole purpose is to break others out of bondage. My weaknesses I will boast in all the more so the glory of the LORD can be revealed. I want you all too see the full manifestations of God’s plan for yourself, family and friends. You can take hold of this and not miss what I have. I also know God will restore what we lost. Listen closely we are not exempt from trouble but God has freely given us all that we need to sustain us until he returns.




Psalms 34:19

Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivers him out of them all.


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