Mini Sermon

Expectancy over Expectation

May 18, 2017

      As I sat in church one Sunday and my pastor was feeding us knowledge per usual and her words piercing through my heart as the majority of the time they always did. She posed this question to us “How much smoother would life be if we put no expectation on others?” Service went on and even though she went on with her sermon those words kept running over into my thoughts before I could lift a foot to make an exit out the door when service was over. I left church that day and I just could not get those words out of my head and even went further to put a whole What’s on your mind? post about it on one my social media pages. I must admit I had an expectancy that I placed in others because simply of one thing only and that was that is the way I was taught. As we grow we are just merely taught to expect certain things. I will be quite frank my expectancy was placed in a worldly view of how I seen the people of influence in my life as I grew older play out that same mind frame. I put expectations in friends, jobs, and relationships. I have put so many through that agony with having that perception for so long. As I begin to ponder I realize that I dragged many with that conviction that probably about killed them. (Not literally though) I remember relationships that I had from the past and I had a lot of baggage that I just expected them to carry and eventually it became too heavy and they dropped it because they never were taught how to carry that kind of weight and I can’t necessarily say I blame them. (They were not designed for that anyway). I expected my job to do exactly what they said and keep promises and when it all went to hog heaven and they did not meet that expectation things became a little rocky *side note* Jesus has brought me a mighty long way lol. I would have an expectation for my friends they better care or they’re simply not my friend. Let’s be real many have never had a real good friend or never was shown great friendships in their lives so I was yet again expecting something they could not give me. Through me gaining this wisdom I understand that people can only exemplify what they have been taught. People can only give you what they have. In this trial one thing that will forever reign in this life lesson is that we should put all of our expectancy in God. As in the words of my wonderful pastor Expectancy is your joyful anticipation from the hand of God. We gather our expectations and think people somehow will fulfill it and when it doesn’t come to past the continuation of their stay in our lives become vacant. We should collectively go to the father for all our expectancy. The bible tells us that us in Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious for anything, but in everything with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make thy request be made known to God. So leave here with the mindset that I will only expect from the one who can supply every need I have. Man in general will fail us but God never will. I want to close this out with how important it is to understand that expectancy in God will always be over expectations of anything but him.

Proverbs 1:5 :

Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtains guidance.

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