Mini Sermon

Chaotic Peace

May 11, 2017

Did she really just associate chaos and peace in the same sentence? I


want you to understand that you read that correctly. I at one point was


shocked as well. I compared peace to an environment where chaos did


not exist and in that environment only serenity would be the only thing


present. In that existence there would be no frustration, confusion,


drama or delayed destinies and everything would fall in my lap as


planned. Quite honestly I learned about finding peace in the midst of it


all in the worst way. I just kept replaying these words that I can’t wait


to get out of this environment. I can’t wait until I get out of this chaotic


place. My destiny seemed to come to a halt. I had more drama than


some of these reality shows well wait a minute maybe not as much lol.


It was as if the noise of life was so loud and I just could not bear to hear


the sound anymore. I was praying to God to remove me from it and he


literally was directing me into it all while keeping me close to him but


even still there had to be some sort of understanding that needed to be


grasped to carry me through that season. I was in this space where


peace was unrecognizable. I will be brutally honest with you all, those


were some of the most frustrating times in my life. There was not a


sermon that could swoop me out of that funk neither inspirational


videos nor those quotes that you are bound to see when you log into


social media. I will even go further to admit that even the deepest of


scripture would not resonate in my spirit. Through much trial, prayer


and even in error I learned that peace is not the absence of chaos but


the presence of control knowing that no matter what surrounds you,


know that you will survive and things will work out for your good. Grab


hold of this in this season that trials and tribulations will arise and may


very well come around again a time or two, peace is available


regardless of whatever direction life flows.I want to leave you all with


this scripture that yet in that moment it was not registering but now as


I tread back down this road called memory lane with you it gives me


peace even now. John 14:27 (NIV)


Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.I do not give as the world


gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.


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