“Letter To Q” is a ballad about mental health awareness/suicide prevention. As having a loved one pass away due to suicide, it poses many internal questions for the one's still here. For example, ”what could I have done to prevent it if I could”? ”Did I purposely ignore key indications”? Or ” What can I do going forward, to keep this from happening to someone else”? I pray that this song not only encourages but also uplift those struggling with suicidal thoughts. Know that you are worthy and loved no matter what the world's perspective of you are. Know that you were created with purpose and play a sophisticated part in God's plan. Know that it's ok to seek professional help, as they are equipped with tools and techniques to better assist you. Lastly, renew your mind on a daily basis and focus on those things that are pure. I love you all dearly and thank you for your support, know that I am here if you need someone to lend an ear at any time. 

Letters to Q